Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Proposal - Each of our stories. :)

Steve's Perspective
Coming up to the proposal weekend, Taylor had a sore throat all week and wasn't sure if it was something bad or not.  Throughout the week, I (Steve) was hoping she would get better, because I knew I wanted to propose to her on Saturday with a picnic and a hike.  Finally... on Friday, when I went to go pick Taylor up from her house after work, she said she was feeling back to normal, which I couldn't have been more excited about.  So, then Saturday roles around and we have a wonderful breakfast of Belgian Waffles with whipped cream and syrup, I had strawberries and Taylor had some cherries (she loves cherries).

After breakfast, we worked in the yard.  Taylor worked in the garden and I did some more general maintenance: mowing, spraying weeds, edging and stuff.  We also had a bed arrive at about noon for one of the guest bedrooms so people could stay in, and then we had a nice lighter lunch.  We ate and then went to Costco, I (Steve) love Costco.  I really wanted to get a bouquet of flowers for the kitchen table, however they didn't have anything that was that great, everything was geared towards for the Memorial Day weekend, and I wanted to get something special for us.  Prior to leaving for Costco, I put the ring in my pocket, I had stored in the nightstand next to my bed while Taylor was getting ready.  I knew I needed to be able to have the ring handy and didn't want to her to think anything of it if I tried to get it later, prior to going for our picnic.  After going to Costco, we just got a few random items.  I was really hoping that I could've gotten flowers for when we got back from our hike to have at home.

After our nap, we made got everything ready for our picnic, I really wanted to try and get Taylor excited about going and try to make it fun.  So we got everything packed and ready and made it on our way to a large park nearby with a large river that runs through it.  When we got there, and started walking, we realized that there was very few people on the trails that day, which is very unusual, and Taylor was thinking there might be an abundance of people there because of it being a long weekend.  This couldn't have been better for me because I didn't want there to be a lot of people around when I proposed to Taylor.  It was something that I wanted to be special for the both of us, and have it as just our time together.  We finally made it to the end of the trail and sat in a resting area at the end.  We were there a few minutes and I wanted to say something before asking, but then I finally decided to just pop the question, so I let Taylor know that I had a question for her, before getting down on one knee, pulled out the ring from my pocket and asked.  I couldn't have been more excited and emotional, to ask the woman I love to marry me.  It was a very special moment and happened at about 6:45 in the afternoon.  She said "Yes" and we both had tears of joy.  It is definitely one of the most exciting times and couldn't imagine being with anyone better.  After calling up our families and talking to everyone, when I called my family, they couldn't have been more excited and the phone got passed around to everyone.  When I asked Taylor, It was on our 11 monthiversary, at the same time that we would have finished our first date we had way back when too.

Taylor's Perspective :)
The day started off with Steve making Belgian waffles - Topped with syrup, whipped cream cherries, for me, strawberries for him.
Steve reminded me that it was our 11 month anniversary. I completely forgot.. haha.
 We sat outside eating our breakfast, and discussed the day. - Yardwork, first, then run some errands, then picnic/hike.
Steve had been waaay too excited about this hike/picnic for about a week. he was very pumped... sure we get excited but not that excited... :)
After breakfast we changed into our 'yard clothes' and worked outside, I mainly just weeded and did some stuff in the little garden.
at about noon there was a bed delivered for a guest room, so we called it quits after they arrived to deliver it. then we  ate a little lunch, freshened up a bit. then headed out to Costco to go get a few things. When we arrived back at the house, we both really wanted a nap, so we took a good nap, then we got up, and got our food all ready to go, then we headed out.
We went to River Legacy Park where we walked on the trail, there wasn't many people out on the trail at all, which was surprising since it was memorial weekend, the picnic areas were packed, but the trails were extremely quiet.While we were walking, we found a perfect spot to eat our dinner, but we did not stop... we continued on, and we said we'd finish up the trail, then come back to eat there. So we continued on for a few more minutes before we reached the end.when we reached the end, Steve asked if I wanted to to take a break for a minute, and sit down... theres concrete benches there -

We sat for a few minutes, drinking our water, and not saying a whole lot- Steve was beginning to get emotional.(so I knew that something was about to happen)... after a few seconds, he said to me as he began to fiddle with something in his pocket"I have one question for you." i said "oh you do? huh?" He then got on one knee, and asked me "Will you marry me?" I reapetedly said "Yes" and we both were extremely emotional (so thankful that there wasnt anyone around) after a few minutes of hugging, we regained some composure, and then he put the ring on my finger. it was so wonderful.

We then began to call our families - I was only able to talk to my dad, and my brother. We were able to talk to Steve's parents, older brother, and his fiancee, later that night we were able to talk to his little brother. It was truly amazing.
it was about 6:45pmwhen he proposed., now 11 months ago at this time we were wrapping up our first date... at that Starbucks that Sunday afternoon. ...  which was really neat to coincide with.
I could not have asked for anything better or more wonderful.

It was so nice to be able to have the long weekend to begin to soak up being 'engaged' truly wonderful.

The next several months will be fun and interesting. but we plan on enjoying this stage of life. And plan on enjoying this time together and as we plan our wedding together.

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